De-cluttering. Tidying. And helping people who hoard.

Before I became self-employed, I set up a project for We Care Home Improvements, a not for profit organisation, helping people to de-clutter, which involved training volunteers how to help people do this. I never throw anything away or do anything else without your permission. I make no judgements about you. I don’t mind working in mucky conditions! I am extremely patient.

I can take items that you want to be taken to a charity shop but I charge for my time to do this and the additional mileage.

NB: I do not have a licence to take things to a recycling centre/tip for you but I can put you in touch with other reliable licenced waste removal businesses in Bristol if you need things taking to the tip (recycling centre).

Cleaning – I am not a cleaner but I can put you in touch with local cleaners in Bristol.

Hoarding – I work with people who hoard but mainly just in a practical way. A very good organisation that can help people who consider themselves hoarders (I know that this feels like a judgmental word, no offence is intended):

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