Personal assistance/companionship

Please note that personal assistance is not personal care however, here are some examples of what I can help with:

Organising and helping you to live safely in your own home and in your community.

De-cluttering/tidying/taking items to charity shops on your behalf. Helping to organise your kitchen, living room, clothing, etc.

Accompanying you to appointments. Accompanying you to social activities, places of interest etc.

Helping you apply for state benefits, or to charities if you need financial assistance.

Telling you about other services and organisations that might be helpful to you.

Taking you by van for social trips out or for appointments (mileage is charged at 45p per mile).

Paperwork and filing

Help to deal with bills

Arranging your appointments.

Helping (or showing you how to) do things on a computer e.g. e-mail, using the internet, internet shopping, organising your photos, files etc.

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